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Dating Advice

1.   Oriental Destiny has a number of staff who will help you through the process of meeting ladies and gentlemen and preparing for dates.

2.   They will guide you through the process of chatting to ladies/gentlemen.

3. They will help establish communications with your chosen date.

4. The first step is to identify that you are ready for love in your life, look at our many members, pick the right match that takes your interest, and establish contact through our chatting forum.

5.   Once you are confident to take the next step, our staff can arrange a date to meet your chosen one.

6. The first meeting/date can leave a lasting impression, so it is important to get it right. Our staff will be there for the initial meeting to ensure all goes well, also to provide an interpreting service if required.

7. It can be very exciting, to meet someone for the first time, it can also be very emotional, with a number of expectations. Remembers to be yourself, be honest and don’t be afraid to tell your date your true feelings.

8. The main thing to remember it is your first date, this is your chance to establish a good healthy relationship.

9.  Expectation should be real, after all it is your first date, don’t be afraid to ask question about things you have in common, try and have open and honest dialogue, and most of all remember to respect the person you are with.

10.  Our staff are happy to provide feedback on how they feel the date went.

11.  If for some reason there is no chemistry when you meet, it’s not the end of the world, our staff can arrange other meetings and help you find your perfect match.

12. What Next If the meeting was a success, you can arrange further meeting, you can exchange details and continue to build your relationship.

13. If the meeting didn’t go well, don’t give up hope, remember our philosophy, “everyone should have love in their lives” we will work hard with our members and guide them through the emotional roller coaster of find love and establishing relationships.

You must always respect the feeling of other people.